Welcome to the AgileHR Cyprus team


We live in a very demanding society that organizations seek to find ways to deliver faster to the market with higher quality mitigating the risk of not delivering what the customer expects. Organizations do not highlight experience in the resume of the candidates but they are looking also for talents and enthusiast candidates.

Agile is a culture, a way of working, influence, accountability, responsibility, professional development, team effort. All of these aspects follow the same path towards the customer satisfaction outbidding the competition.

Both new and old organizations have their challenges and at any case they need the right recipes to turn the challenges into opportunities. Once they manage to set a proper vision-mission-values, then the rest is a matter of time, persistence and consistency to achieve the organizational identity development. Because agile is a culture that helps every organization build their own identity by applying whatever fits best. We should never forget, that each and every organization is unique, like every other organization.

Team founders

Chrisoulla Kailos
Chrisoulla KailosHR consultantckailos@yahoo.com.au

Chrisoulla is currently a free-lance HR Consultant working on various ad hoc projects. She has over 10 years of HR experience with expertise in local and international Companies.

Originally from Australia, Chrisoulla completed her Bachelor of Business at University of Western Sydney, Australia before moving to Cyprus in 2003. Her career began in the food services industry in a large food chain restaurant that had recently been franchised in Cyprus. She was promoted to a Managerial position which allowed her to gain exposure in the daily operations of the business. This in turn allowed her to combine her passion and move towards Human Resources. Since 2006, she had started focusing more in this field and was able to expand her knowledge and experience by continuously self-developing herself in trainings and seminars. In 2008, Chrisoulla changed her career direction and moved into the financial services industry working for one of the top 10 fiduciary services Companies in Cyprus. Here she gained experience in restructuring performance appraisal systems based on KPI’s and designing and implementing policies and procedures for all employees. Soon after, she moved to one of the top 6 fiduciary companies in Cyprus where she was promoted to a Managerial position heading the International offices. In 2018, she decided to make a career change and work independently as a free –lance HR Consultant in order to assist Companies with their day to day HR needs allowing her to use her extensive knowledge and experience gained in the HR industry.

Christina Neophytidou
Christina NeophytidouHRc.neophytidou@gmail.com

Christina Neophytidou is a Project Officer at Remedica, working on a range of HR projects associated with recruitment & selection, training & development, performance management and workforce planing.

She has previously worked for Cyprus University of Technology, Deloitte and ARIS | A Really Inspiring Space, a startup accelerator.

She holds a BSc in Sociology from the University of Bath, and has two Master’s degrees in Corporate Social Responsibility and Human Resource Management from the University of Bath and the Cyprus International Institute of Management respectively.