Cyprus Agile and Innovation meetup experience

Agile is fresh in Cyprus and very few companies currently choose to work Agile using Scrum. I believe is the future and eventually is going to become a very popular way of working, not only in the IT industry but in many other sectors as well. Being part of the agile world for the past 5+ years, I have seen the value delivered to the business and the market in general and is proven that by transforming the mindset into an agile and innovative thinking-and-approach environment, you increase the possibilities of becoming a market leader.

Agile and Innovation are one. An innovative environment increases ownership, motivation, professional development and self-organization of the human resources and combined with any of the Agile methodologies, for example with Scrum as it is the most popular one, is the perfect combination to success.

On December 14, 2017, we managed to gather 30 professionals in Limassol that already live in an Agile world or were interested to see what exactly it is. We had 3 speeches by Argyris, Michalis and myself sharing our experience around agile and innovation. On the second part of the meetup, we facilitated 3 workshops that the attendees had the opportunity to share their experience.

The expectations from the first meetup was just to bring professionals together, meet and share their experience and touch a few topics via the workshops. The idea of it, was just to meet and give the message that agile exists in Cyprus and in other companies as well. It was an introductory meetup and I believe the mission has been accomplished. Based on the feedback, all the participants liked the idea of the meetup and based on this the future is very promising.

2018 is a very challenging year for Cyprus and Innovation community. Next event: (February 2018). #Cyprus #Agile and #Innovation community is organizing the first Agile and Innovation clinics sessions in Cyprus. For the professionals that would like to learn what is Agile, we will have a short introductory session to Agile. In addition to these, we will have a short Innovation session and we will touch/learn an Innovation technique and will learn how to give birth to new products and services. Stay tuned, more details coming soon!

If you think you could contribute to the next event in any way (facilitate, sponsor)you are more than welcome to send me a message in LinkedIn or at my email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). Feedback are always welcome.

Konstantinos Kareklas, (Scrum Master and Innovation Facilitator Scrum Master Certified, Agile Master Certified, Certified Agile Trainer)