An AgileHR meetup in Limassol

Next stop on the events Roadmap of the Cyprus Agile and Innovation community, is the AgileHR meetup. This time, we will have the chance to meet in person one of the five persons that started agileHR globally, Riina Hellstrom from Finland.

Riina is an Agile HR pioneer and enterprise organisational development professional. She was one of the first to start working with #AgileHR in 2010, when she began the Finnish Agile HR network, now over a thousand people strong and still growing. With a solid background in HR, Riina has now trained hundreds of HR professionals in Lean HR and Agile HR. Riina works as a development and change architect, supporting change on scale and all levels of an organisation, involving Agile and lean methodologies, progressive training and facilitation, people technology, advanced analytics and cognitive computing. She uses Agile ways to accelerate companies into the next digital era of people operations. Riina holds a M. Sc. degree in technology and an array of Agile certificates. She’s also a professional certified coach and has an Executive Master’s degree in applied neuroscience from Middlesex University, bringing theoretical background and hard science to her work. Her specialty is getting things planned with an Agile twist, from a modern and respectful change perspective, and then engaging people into participating and getting things done, delivered, together. 

Josh Bersin, stated in one of his recent articles that Agile has clearly taken off. He said that "Once considered an arcane methodology used by software engineers, the concepts of Agile are sweeping across business. And they are radically changing HR." He also highlights Riina Hellstrom as an agileHR pioneer and refers to one of her articles on 8 ways to apply Agile in HR.

With Riina's visit in Limassol, Cyprus becomes part of the global map of agileHR and we will have the opportunity to meet her in person and enrich our knowledge around agileHR and network with HR people in Cyprus. The event will take place at Deloitte's ARIS innovation center in Limassol on October 18th. The time-table and path of the event will be announced in due time and it will include a speech from Riina and two workshops. Riina will also offer a two-day Agile HR certified training. A great team of the community is working to bring in life the agileHR meetup and if you want to be the first to be updated with the all the news related to the meetup, you can sing-up our newsletter at

Konstantinos Kareklas - Agile Coach